Additional Information to Advertisement and Book

Here is some additional information I would like to share with you.
I appreciate that I like any other man am not perfect, but this being so, it stands to the advantage to anyone who does not understand electricity. I knew nothing about electricity when I begun the experiments, but after I finished I found that electricity most certainly does not run the way I was taught. I was fooled, and we must unfool ourselves. Light is produced by magnets, electricity is magnets, the sun does not produce light it produces magnets. The aurora Borealis is not light from the sun, it is cosmic rays creating light by hitting magnets. Volcanoes and earthquakes generate 100's if not millions of amperes of electrical magnetic current between just richtor 6 and 7. The earth itself is a giant generator for the gravity wave of infinite speed, the same speech in which an entangled particle moves, and the same speed in which the earth effects the earthquakes on other planets, forming the teslian system of faster than light transmission of high frequency alternate current for energy and communication means. Radio and light speed TV and the R.C.A rhombic antenna have little bold to show when compared to the longitudinal wave of Tesla and Leedskalnin and the multiple loaded flat top antenna of the marconi wireless company in operation between 1914 and 1917. Look towards the government takeover of marconi wireless post 1917 by R.C.A and watch the longitudinal wave disappear along with the MLFTA. The wheelwork of nature as Tesla said it does concern the pyramid builders and the mechanical machinery of the earth. That is to say that the argument of my unimaginative contemporaries that if the device worked it would have been built already, must be met with my repeated pronouncement that the universe - a giant wheelwork of instrumentation, a device of inconceivable magnitudes carrying inconceivably large displacement currents across great distances frequently, it becomes a necessity to obscure the narrow minds of the few whom would challenge the work of this art'.
I have often been told that nothing is for free. If this was so then oil would not be drilled out of the ground, for if there was not something free to be had there would be no profit. The oil is produced by the earth free, and there is obviously an associated cost with the machinery and the time of workers, but there would not be any drilling at all if it were not profitable, and so the profit made on top of that expenditure must thus be declared free energy. That is to say that mother earth generates the profit of oil companies, and the oil companies generate work for people. And the earth itself generates the vast and exhaustible resource thru the wireless rays of light creating the plant matter which animals eat that eventually decay and become compressed by ocean sediment.
If for one moment the resource of oil was not free energy, then at once the oil companies would withdraw such humble investments and manhours into such investment. For all the more resource there is in the ground and for all the less expense in obtaining it then the profit is accumulated free energy.
Gold for instance is found in the ground of the earth. It is produced by the earth. It is not particularly that expensive or difficult for even an individual to mine it, or it would not be mined, as there would be no free value or profit in the endeavour. The giant universe being like a giant gold or oil mine, in its primary and archaic form - presents a gigantic resource of a power of machinery greater than the total amplitude of every single device on the planet added and multiplied by some factor of countless trillions. That is to say that the wireless conveyance of rays and radiations of energy in the universe, so immense in its nature, so beyond the exhausted and inflated requirements of earth, that such a concern of an energy crisis ought to be the concern of a joke. Long ago this work was forgotten for good reason. It is not wrong to go back and find what is lost. That is what we must do, and we must shed the lies of Albert Einstein and other war propaganda resulting from the post ww1 energy war that continued throughout the nazi and soviet occupations of europe and throughout, and most likely continues in secret. Whilst the rest of the world use, what Tesla clearly and violently explains in his "true wireless" publication in the NYT - a Hertzian electromagnetic system of billions of times less efficiency. The earth and the universe, the primary cosmic ray, and the trure nature of waves before they are light or electrons or photons, is in essence a PRIMARY non electromagnetic effect. The inventions of the electron and the proton , photoelectric effect, the photon and light etc, all secondary effects.
For instance mass is supposed to decay at its own rate by its nuclear density. It stands a fact recently determined that the stars determine the speed that isotopes of any manner decay. The same true then as the claim by Nikola Tesla almost 80 years before stating that if radium is sufficiently shielded from radioactive ways it ceases to be radioactive altogether. Which proves without any doubt, alpha , beta and gamma rays in atomic explosions and energetic states, such as the Hiroshima nuclear bomb or the inconceivable derivable nuclear power from uranium isotopes used in nuclear reactors, are not coming from the primary dense radioactive matter, but the rays responsible for the full account of energy release is as a result of the primary cosmic rays from the stars from outer space. Thus destroying I contend the concept that radioactivity is primary and causal to mass. It stands to reason and fact now without any doubt that radioactivity is a secondary effect produced only by the causal cosmic rays reaching the boundary of dense mass such as radium or uranium. It is the interaction between the density and the ray that results in the energy release of this valuable matter , also mined from the earth. That is to say, that the density of this matter, causes the cosmic rays from stars to cause its atoms to release its magnets. And so, the cosmic rays cause mass to release its energy in the form of differing combinations of the positive and negative pole charges.
I know this is not much, but I hope this helps, It is important for you to know that I have written this piece above for you but will be re-posting it on facebook and elsewhere, as it is in my nature to share all of my ideas in full with the world without charge, the book and the campaign however is not for everyone - but it is for those that wish to support my work and those that can acquire the attitude required to begin the great work,