Free Energy "secrets" and lies by Adam Bull

Ask a scientist, engineer, or statements where the electrical power of niagara falls comes from, 2,200,000 watts or so. When they tell you it is the ocean. Tell them that they are wrong. It is the moon and the sun, and other planets. That is what moves our ocean. That is to say the ocean does not move itself. The planets move the ocean, and the ocean moves a gigantic magnetic turbine next to a giant coil of wire with an iron core. The ocean moves the magnetic turbine, and the magnetic turbine inducts magnets into the core, and the electron miracculously appears with 2,200,000 watts of electrical power. 

The problem is of course that the planets power the former. Not the Ocean. Here lies the errors of scientists, engineers, electrical engineers and stateman. They do not lack methods to go about solving them, it was because of the circumstances under which they were invented. As many observers have pointed out, long standing problems of science have not continued to exist from a lack of competence of those going about trying to solve them. Nor do they continue to exist by a lack of methods to go about solving them. They continue to exist because some piece, or pieces of information that are available, are missing. For instance the greeks did not realise that the planets revolved around the sun rather than the earth. And they did not know that there was a force of gravitation controlling those movements. without those two pieces of information neither does that theory or any other theory . Regarding invention - If all of the information is there already there is no need to invent anything. IT is there already. And whilst there is the unlimited opportunity for making ad hoc assumptions, that is adding epicycles as the greek's. What the inventive theory ultimately encounters over a period of time, is just too many epicycles. And it gets to the point where the scope of these theories are broad enough to challenge their delusive prevailing inventive theories.

-- Adam Bull, Technology For a New Future Documentary, talking about Edward Leedskalnin, Nikola Tesla, perpetual motion Nikola Tesla, the Leedskalnin apparatus and the Wheelwork of Nature. With some help of a great quote from Dewey B. Larson. Pioneer and true scientist.