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External Power
Perpetual Motion & Perpetual Energy
The Universe

Without it there is no life, or coal, or oil. And the universe is making it on this earth. It needs no man to play god, but nature is acting as the god. And that is all there is to it. I have some tips that I believe could help people in their research about the true cause of radioactivity in atoms, and in the planet earth that create the gravity. I believe people could learn something about what electricity is, and how it runs in a wire, in a space, and thru an obstruction.

I believe that people still do not know what causes the tilt of the earth, it is because what they are looking for is not on this earth, they will not find it, until they have the minds of giants.

Many do not know:

Many people still do not know that the earths magnetic current is the force that moves a compass, and they do not know that the earths magnetic current comes from the external cosmic force.

In the first compass there was no friction on it’s bearing and so its magnetic wire could line up alright with the earth’s poles, scientists should have noticed the fact that it was the earth moving the compass, and it was the cosmic force moving the earth. They should know how this would change the science if radioactivity and gravity is not caused by mass. If the earth can move the small compasses wire magnet when when it balances where there is no friction, then why not a larger one, with an obstruction in the North and West.

There is much that lies ahead of us all, that simply lies in wait That a grand universe could extend out from nothingness to exist with dimension are hints upon the wondrous technologies of communication and power that might convey their energies “regardless” of distance as the great Leedskalnin and Nikola Tesla suggest in their best works, that is to say regardless of mass.


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