Magnetic Current round 2



The following document is a special news release for our indiegogo fundraiser. We need your help to raise the money for the second edition. I , the author, wanted people to know why this cause should deserve your support. I can say with some assuredness that reading this passage is not for everyone, but this is the first place people should come to if they wish to be changed forever, and against their will. Once knowledge has been learnt it cannot be unlearnt so easily. That is to say that once a mans consciousness and universe of perception has been stretched to a certain size it very rarely returns to it's state of previous ignorance. Please read this, please help us. I can say that it will be worth it and it will be spectacular. I've already taken a year out of work to write the 555 page full colour book that has been so popular and sold out in just a month. If I was not so poor I would give you more. I hope though that including many of the theory here it will be possible to gain the money I need to continue investigating the perpetual motion of electricity. As well as how radioactivity is not caused by mass but an external cosmic ray hitting it. If I am right about this work science will change forever. I do not deserve the credit. I merely read all there was on Nikola Tesla, Edward Leedskalnin and Eric Dollards work at R.C.A, then I was equipped to tell the true story about electricity.

When I started working wiht electricity I knew nothing, but after I had started working with electricity I knew that electricians, engineers and scientists also knew nothing about electricity. Because they were failing to understand it has 2 poles and not one. Physicists played with the negative charge while electronics engineers obsessed over the positive charge. Back in the day of Tesla and Leedskalnin perpetual motion was not forbidden, and nor was free energy. I wrote a book detailing nearly all of this, and to continue my work I will need you to read this long and expressive document to help further my plight and that of humanities today. 


What was once established as the maximum velocity for which something can travel as determined by relativity and the speed the light constant C, has been disproved by a Chinese team measuring entangled particles just as Tesla and I predicted. 

Faster than light rays exist, that can travel between point to point "completely regardless of distance" just as Dr. Tesla said.

And Tesla was saying that before entangled particles even existed, even before the study of quantum physics existed. 

This is true genius that we are dealing with. IT's taken 100 years for people to catch up.

I wrote a book discussing this last year. So I am entirely vindicated by this scientific work. Please help my technology for a new future campaign so that I can continue 

1. Reverse Engineer Leedskalnin flywheel
2. Build Leedskalnin Flywheel Motor Generator set and Inertial Neutrailzer.
3. Publish Technology For a New Future Second Edition.
4. Produce the 2 hour documentary feature film "technology for a new future".

Please help me. For a rare concern, a rare book, an interesting documentary and a motor that can spin on this earth like a planet does in free space.

If people understood what earthquakes, volcanoes and solar wind was, then they would understand that motion was at the base of energy, and so power is determined by motion.

If people understood how an Egyptian battery worked they would see that it was not the iron, copper, or acid that is motivating electricity to migrate from anode to cathode, he would see that it was the motion of the iron coming together with the motion of the copper and acid, and zincs which creates the magnetic current and causes electricity to run. It also shows for sure that it was motion that was at the base of electricity in the humble Egyptian battery.

People would know the secrets of the pyramid builders if they understood that the battery without it's motion did not produce electricity. The universe without it's motion would not produce the earth to spin on it's Axis. In fact if it was not for the fact that more motion in the Universe is coming from the East than the West, then the Earth would not spin at all. Without the motion people would not decay or age. I would say that this is important to human survival.

Whilst it might have been fair for those delusive scientists to talk about the non existent electrons, as long as motion is at the base of electricity in the electron, and for as long as one half of the electricity in the positive protons are ignored, and as long as the existing movement of these charges existing in non electrified metals continues unabated and ignored. Such secrets will be hidden from our view. After all they are concerned with something that no scientist has never seen.

No scientist has ever seen an electron. No matter, without it's motion the electron is useless, chemically. People could not think without the rotation of electrons, that is to say it's motion, electricity cannot be conducted by a conductor without the pre-existing perpetual motion of it's rotation of electrons. That is to say that all valent metals have their charges already existing in motion, which is what makes them a superior conductor to an item whos so called electrons are tightly packed.

And when there is not motion, it does not rust, age as a person, produce electricity, think. Without the motion it does not do anything. No chemical reactions, no gravity, no heat, no light, no magnetism. NOTHING. Without the delusive electron and it's perpetual motion, there is NOTHING to observe and NOTHING That can react. In this quickly hypothetical universe we are talking about here, we can say for sure that motion is at the base of all power in a dynamo or motor generator, therefore we can say at the least the power derived to turn the earth on it's axis is derived from the East. That there was motion going in it to do that, and more motion and power was able to hit the east than any other part of the earth. It is also true to say that the earth is like a giant dynamo or motor generator, and that any electric current running at the right hand rule (90 degrees) to its magnetic field, would cause the same rotation. Except from instead of being caused by inner space, it is caused by outer space, the only difference between my flywheel, the atom, and the earth is that the perpetual motion and orbits are different.

It is true that what I have said has come to pass as a proven engineering and scientific theory grounded in a mathematical principle of determinate velocity pi / 2 * C = 1.57C. And derivable that a different divisor relationship to pi can be responsible for a different constant velocity. That is to say that the Einstein C limit never had any meaning in the first place, when it was the geometric characters that determined the speed of exchange. Such as the speed of exchange of gravity in planets furthermore to that it is true that the scientists have discovered that the atoms themselves are full of power of immense measure. And that it was the force of our continuing ignorance and incompetence to harness that said power. IF they were not neglecting one half of their electricity, or employing Steinmetz' to reduce the wireless power emitted into the A.C power lines coming from the sun, then we would have exploding Power Line Substations again. That is an excess of power, or a resulting greater flow of power in at a greater velocity than the electrical flow can get out. In the same manner in which gravity forms, the power in the transformers comes from the center out, whilst exploding. Even when an engineer is measuring the transformer from terminal to terminal with a measure of 0 volts. 

It seems that whatever signals coming from aurora are they are traveling at a non constant ratio of velocity and therefore causing non electromagnetic events to form in the coils of transformer stations. 

It is a fact that none of the work of Nikola Tesla or my own ever used the electromagnetic principle of conveyance, as it is the fact that the perpetual motion, and thus power behind each electron with it's mass appears inexhaustible. That is to say that each atom that exists in the universe has a capacity to hold its electron in a perpetual spin, regardless of the fact that the electron comprises of mass, and regardless that the electron comprises of a weak magnetic charge.

If the electron was bigger, or a flywheel was build like an electron, that is an atomic simulator electrical flywheel apparatus, then it would become a familiar knowledge that the only difference is that the perpetual motion of the so-called negative electron charges was identical but bigger, and thus the amount of power derivable from the magnetic atom is much larger.

While friction applies to the macro universe, on the atomic level friction does not exist. Friction propagates from the atomic level and therefore it is rotation that determines the friction experienced in any atom. In free space, such as in a vacuum a planet is able to spin perpetually without any resistance whatsoever. In the case of the small atom, it is surrounded by macro resistances, but none of them seem to alter the orbiting electron, and its magnetic charge of the negative, or alter the bound proton at its' center. Which suggests that the gravity of the protons power is connected to the outer electricity and electrification of the atmosphere of the atom. 

Thus my device recreating and rebuilding the atom is of the highest concern to humanity. It is a way to create perpetual power from the perpetual motion.

As I have said in more or less logical terms, it has been and is clearly determined that motion is at the base of any power. That is to say anything with motion has power. The atom in its miniature nature is able to do something that could never happen in the macro nature, unless a man was in space throwing a ball in free-space. Then the ball would have motion, and perpetual motion until gravity or a proton affected the charge the outer electron surface area was given. 

It is logical that if power is inside motion, and motion is at the base of all electrical power, then the atom holding perpetual motion is the candidate for electrical power.

IT is worth noting that electricity of electrons orbits in an electricity cable in the same way the atoms electrons in an atom orbit, except that in the transmission line the motion of the rotation runs out, and goes elsewhere except that in the atom it is recirculated around and around in the same manner that a Tesla Magnifier Transmitter would recirculate it's current. Except that the atom is 100% efficient and the Tesla transmitter is about 47% efficient. That is to say the losses of a Tesla Transmitter is about 60%, and the losses of an atom are 0%, and the losses of a planetary orbit are 0%. That is to say that the energy and the motion is conserved indefinitely inside and between the proton and electrons whilst still maintaining power, in the transmission line of electromagnetic hertzian type the losses are total, and one can only be lucky if they transmit power over 100 miles. However using the transmission wireless lines of force of longitudinal non hertzian tesla marconi type of pi / 2 * C the losses are almost 0. That is to say that the electrostatic discharge of 157% the speed of light is capable of conveying electricity with 100% of power efficiency. Which seems to show that the fundamental belief that energy and power are interchangeable to be wrong. As well as the fundamental assumption of the scientific method that a system without losses exists. 

In fact all the systems that we have built and designed with the transverse hertzian losses are made up of atoms of which it's motion, power, and energy are perpetual and apparently endlessly infinite. If electricity run in batteries and devices in the same way they run in atoms. Then nobody would pay for their electricity. And the electricity would never run out, it would merely be circulated.

IT is actually a fact that should be known that the theory of conservation, the prime tenet of science, says that energy is not lost but radiated out. The atom itself in stable orbit (not decaying) is in fact able to maintain it's motion indefinitely, and fully conserve it's electron charge for reaction with an acid or a metal at any moment for any period. It is after they react and leave the atom that the conservation of the micro-level is disturbed. Therefore what is considered impossible in an inventive device, that is that no power is lost and it is continually rotated, is something of an ordinary matter to the scientific fact of the atom and its perpetually orbiting electrons. So whilst it is an established fact of science that all things must radiate some amount of heat, and be somewhat inefficient thru our inability to recapture the rotations of matter reacting, the atom is in fact able to do this all at its sub atomic level. 

IF we were to design our generators like atoms and planets we would not have to pay for our electricity. We would create the gold and the precious and important substances ourselves, and without cost, and humanity would be freed from this planet. For which the ignorant and the dangerous, the broken and the incompetent base the welfare and economy of all people on just this one giant rock.

It is in fact as Tesla said, the power crisis is akin to men in boats paddling furiously , dying from thirst, in an effort to drink the water which lies below them in an unimaginable immense lake, and all around them. This is what human ignorance is and how far it goes.

I have given my life. It is true to say that I thank people so much for helping me in my work, and also sad that I must ask for more help still. I need you all to do the work, you must think about this, you must talk about this, or the perpetual motion of the charges of electricity will not find their way to our transmission lines again, they will remain inside the atoms.

This does work but it will take humanity to make use of it. It would only take a few men capable of building such a device to rule the world. If the Vatican had this technology they could manufacture gold regardless of power usage. Making gold for free from worthless elements may sound unbelievable to you, but does it not sound preposterous that one day motors and power might be conveyed in the ground of the planet in the same way in which your brain sends power to your arm to strike another man.

We must stop striking eachother or else we risk losing everything we have ultimately worked. That is the natural progression of humanity and the progression of the age old problem of resolving the problem of human energy.

I write this because I cannot think of anything more important than a way to cause radioactive elements inside a man to stop decaying (and killing the person with radiation), or to stop the speed at which aging and decay occurs, or to control the very re-circulative charges of an atom and channel them into a motor that recirculates them in the same manner, that allows artists, philosophers, writers, and businessmen to concentrate on more important endeavours than his next greatest luxury, or his latest book price. It is a fact that the work that I am doing should and will in time liberate this nation of people and that is a fact of the future for which I can be certain.

This bold Technology For a New Future is inside all of us, it is inside the very fabric of nature of our sun and the universe. Energy and motion is all around us and it is only a matter of time until men will succeed in this endeavour of attaching his machinery to the wheelwork of nature and the atom, this is the work for which I truly am working. And this is the work that I truly hope that others can work towards.

I really need your help. I believe that only I can do this work. Or I would have gone back to the slave job.

If people had the machinery that I Am talking of people would no longer need to work to earn a decent and satisfying living. I can think of no greater evolutionary force for the destruction of ignorance. 

Ignorance being the greatest force of destruction on this planet. I cannot think of something more important then than freeing up humanities time from the ignorant tasks for which it is undertaking on the giant flying boat earth which we sail in motion continuously and furiously, and without weight. I ask that others here might pull their own to ensure that this item is not lost to the testamentary time in the manner of which the pyramid builders intimate knowledge of this died. Surely evolution has this reserved to us shall we not be able to separate the darkness from the light. Then we would surely perish and it is better this way. There comes a point where a city has become so broken that it must be rebuilt. IT is my hope that this planet does not reach that point. but I feel it to be near. Which is why I must do this work. And my friends, you must help me .