What it is I am doing, by Author

What it is I am doing, by Adam Bull. 

A thank you to my supporters. Find out why Adam Bull is doing what he does and you will learn about what it is that led him to his understanding of nature. And it will lead you - If I can do it when I know nothing. You can do it too. 

If there is anything else I can provide you or should you have questions about the book when you get it, know that you can write to me. I will be happy to give my thoughts on how I believe electricity, radio, cosmic rays, light, and gravity run, as well as how perpetual motion is the base of all atoms and planets, their seasons and our base of life. I can be sure in what I have done that what I am telling you is but a small part of what might be in store for humanity sometime in the future. I feel though that it is Technology For a New Future as I have predicted - and whilst the prototypes such as the inertial neutralizer or the electrical synthesiser do work and are engineerable by people such as Eric Dollard and Chris Carson, a real adoption of the technology in application to our culture, economy and welfare as people might seem a long way away. The "destructive force" of mankind as Tesla proclaimed was the force of ignorance. Tesla compared the 'power crisis' in his own time as men in a boat dying of thirst paddling furiously in a giant river that surrounds them, I believe that is the metaphor of the state of technology today.

I am doing my best, and so is the rest of the world

As I make it clear in my book the moon and other planets are able to move, by wireless means trillions of billions of watts of ocean. It is therefore fact to say that the wave movement of the ocean is thus a secondary force, and the hydroelectric generator a mere tertiary utility. And therefore prudent to surmise that the primary source of power for all hydroelectric plants must therefore be the moon and it's wireless conveyance of electrical power thru the somewhat misplaced definition of the gravity it conveys thru it's magnetic poles. As much as it is true to say that turning the moon one half rotation or 180 degrees would cause it to fall. The problem with people today is their ignorance - that is the driving force of commerce, and the prefered state of the user, on the provision that they are able to part with their money and not benefit by a greater means than what results in the next purchase then a vegetative state of culture might seem to be the avenue of the present. What I am suggesting here is that the hydroelectric dam is the metaphorical extension of the Teslian truth that the very real conveyance of ocean wave movement in its mechanical and newtonian properties is but solely derived from a wireless conveyance of an unknown quality to the scientific method radiated by other stars, planets and satellites such as the moon on a permanent basis. The hydroelectric dam being the metaphorical extension of the furiously paddling thirst for energy that is humanity - being the equivalent of the manner in which we derive the primary source of energy from the moon in the oceans. One could say quickly without more hysterics or roundabout thinking, that if indeed the millions of trillions of watts in the ocean being mechanically conveyed was originated from an entirely wireless and mass-less waveform, why we are not using that waveform for our machines.

The unfortunate truth is that it appears we were for the few shorts years that the multiple loaded flat top antenna that was used out of Marconi Wireless between 1914-1917 - and that tesla based longitudinal wave was removed in the replacement after R.C.A tookover post 1917. And ever since then transmissions no longer propagated electrostatically at 105,000 miles per second faster than the speed of light at 288,000 to 291,000 miles per second. The Rhombic D antenna was to replace the Multiple Loaded Flat Top antenna, and that was to be the end of it.

There exists a territory that my book tackles that is an enemy to the general science of today. The unfortunate truth of the history and technical footage that I have unveiled allows me to self-assure with some seriousness that we will one day as a people - no less than disprove einstein and the transfer of information or power, at infinite speeds, in the same manner in which newton destroyed the 2000 year old conception of the greeks. That time may not be now Ryan, but I am more than happy to share it with you,

I want to say that this is not a standard email that I send out to people and that it is meant for you, as an added thank you for your support and to better understand that without the perpetual motion of the atom there is no chemical or physical reactions that cause things like heat, radioactivity light and gravity to arise. All this is 'banned' but my book puts it altogether in a way that has never been done, Believe me, for I have looked. That is the only reason I write it, other than the reasons aforementioned, because of my terror as a young man in contemplating and conveying or even living with such ideas and conceptions that have come to pass by and from me. But most importantly of all, so that others after me might suffer somewhat less. If the world and our culture, and the ones that are supposed to lead and have the welfare of his fellow man at heart in interest as I, then I believe that these problems of human nature might otherwise be overcome.

In any case, no analytical benchmark applies to nature. There is only nature, the way that it presents itself - and the way that people are inextricably linked to the base of nature, it is hard to complain about what could only ever be the natural progression of nature.

And that is all I have to say on why I am thankful to your help and your thoughts, thank you for doing the work,

Best Wishes,
Adam Bull