The 'Secrets' of Leedskalnin & The Pyramid Builders

The Reverse Engineering of Leedskalnin & Giza, Coral Castle, Rock Gate and the Leedskalnin Flywheel.
Now read about it. (Excerpt from Technology For a New Future, Second Edition)

The Reverse Engineering of Leedskalnin and Giza came about by the careful inspection of the Leedskalnin magneto flywheel apparatus and it's magnetic arrangements starting at the outer edges of 1/2 length from the center to the outer edge. For each outer magnetic V edge of 18.75 degree's angle respectively there is 15 degree's of rotation measured from the center, for each magnet on the outside of 18.75 degrees. This creates a "differential" of +3.75 or "375" units of 1875 units of difference. Giving atotal of 1500 units.

This is how it is done. 

Upon further and careful inspection it can be seen that the base of the 1500 flywheel. (or base of 15 degrees to 18.75 degree quadrature).

the +3.75 differential added to the sum of 15 decimal, that is to say the 5.25 + 9.75 flywheel units respectively. That are in fact 525 and 975, or prime number quadruplets with the center added of 105 and 195, that is to say 101,103,105,107,109 = 525 and 191, 193, 195, 197 and 199 = 925 respectively, it becomes clear that the Leedskalnin specification of 1500 turns is in respect to the intentional design of the primality attributes of the magneto electrical flywheel used by Edward Leedskalnin, principly the Ford Model T type. Seperated and arranged as aforementioned is in the base 5, 15, and the 18.75 component parts. That is to say the sum prime additions of 525, or 5.25, the 975 or the 9.75 prime unit, added to the differential of the center of the flywheel atom, which is worked by 18.75 - the 3.75 differential, will always give the base 18.75 to which the prime number units in log 10 math will always be 525 + 975 + 1500.

That is to say that I Adam Bull, as aformentioned have once and truly reverse engineered the Leedskalnin device. With no stone left unturned I can say with assurance and truth, honesty and proof, mathematically, scientifically and philosophically, for the first time, since the revelation of all things. That with certainty - the Leedskalnin flywheel at Coral Castle today is adding prime number sets in angular and geometrical magnetic functions. The flywheel is constructed in such a manner as the Giza plateau, where all of the angles and edges, and their arrangement to the center, are made by the careful construction of prime sums.

That is to say a very complex and powerful encoding of dimension and geometry exists inside the number 1500. It is the sum of two prime quadruplets with their centered added.

I , Adam Bull, for the first time can fully vindicate the Stride 105 and 195 theory of Leedskalnin. 

Now only has this been fully vindicated, but it has been carried forward largely. Upon quick mathematical inspection it becomes obvious that 7129 is in fact 1500 added to another 2 perfect squares. That is to say 1500+ 2^2 + 75^2 gives 7129.

For the first time this mystery has been decoded.

The author no longer cares of the opinion of professionals. As the author has done the work. The author has asked questions, provided evidences and proofs. And now the author has shown the basis between the prime leedskalnin math and the lines of force of the leedskalnin flywheel generator attributing in every inversion and reciprocal of this pattern, and these prime sums (1875, 75, 525, 975, etc). As incontrovertible as it is, there will be the usual delusive minds, there will be the parrot repeaters, the new agers, and the electrical engineers who already know how electricity is running.

These men are basing their work and their ideas on non existent things, or are having other people think for them. If people cannot think for themselves, then they might as well not think about anything, as they must be listening to others, and basing their thoughts on things they have no intention of testing mathematically, philosophically, or scientifically. Those happy with others explanations then, are not prepared to challenge them, and find out how electricity really runs.

Find out about electricity and learn about the Prime mathematics of the Giza plateau, the perpetual motion holder, and the Leedskalnin Flywheel. The mathematics is the same prime square cube, quadrature addition sum differential mathematics as has been clearly layed out aforementionedly. MY second edition book Technology For a New Future, made possible by just some few good men will make available this information I have wanted to share for so long now.

ATTENTION: There is a danger in running magnetic current in it's natural electric form. If one does not understand what it is he is working with then he is prone to get a bad shock. Do not be shocked when creating this apparatus and equipment or your experiments and apparatus will not be completed. When running earth current and cosmic force magnetic current against eachother, and when running in between the battery great attention must be taken when channeling the electricity in prime sums. AS electricity runs in it's natural form in prime sums and does not seek the ground or the sky in the same way. North is going up and south is going down. Prime numbers are perfect for lifting.

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And learn about the Leedskalnin flywheel, the Sankofa, The Pyramid Builders, Nikola Tesla's longitudinal wave, primality mathematics, and square and cube functions of mutual induction and learn how electricity can run in it's natural prime form

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