Technology For A New Future, second edition is a unique and unusual book about electricity written by the unique and unusual man that produced it.

Adam Bull, author, musician and philosopher approaches a new definition of electricity which is actually very old. Inspections of the symbolic language of ancient people, as well as philosophical, mathematical and geometric reasoning is offered by the eccentric author. 

A comparison is made, with instructions about the Transformer developed by Edward Leedskalnin as an orbiting magnetic current, and that the only difference between the transformer and the atom is that the orbit of the transformer is bigger, and the only difference between the two and the earth, is that the earth's orbit is bigger.

It is pointed out with some specific intrigue that the motion of the earth around on it's axis, is little different to a gigantic metal motor bearing, of which some external force with an energy turns the earth around. IT is pointed out with some illustration that the orbit of the moon causes almost in it's entire and appalling immensity, the entire oceanic current. As well as the fact that Tesla's Niagara falls itself would be without it's perpetual motion turning around the turbines to produce 2,200,000 watts without the necessity of the sun's wireless electricity. It is pointed out in the book that in addition to this, the entire reserves of "non free fuel's" such as oil, was created by the same wireless force which causes the turbines of Niagara to turn down. By these intensive intellectual, philosophical and technical studies it becomes apparent that the universe is a gigantic electrical generator of appalling electrical mechanical power, and that, just a few planets, ought to provide enough fuel for the construction of a small solar system.

New ideas are offered by the strange and unusual writings of Adam Bull, and many are yet to unravel the entire meaning of the book. 

The first edition had 20 authorised copies, and the second edition comprised of 25 copies. Making this one of the rarest books on the subject of Leedskalnin you have a chance to obtain the writings of an early author and new age electrical experimenter, which are unique, independent and new.

You can take up your chance today and support the man who made the book buy buying it at the very reduced price and it will help the author buy and build his place to assemble the final piece of the puzzle the way he see's fit. Many books of this size and quality sell for £100's of pounds. So take the opportunity up on getting hold of this unique reduced price bargain.

This book was not produced for a profit but rather it was produced as a labour of love. And anyone interested in performing this work in the way of the author should be careful to do the same.

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Technology for a New Future is a 600 page +3 full colour illustrated , self authored, and self published book by Adam Bull. Professionally printed on high quality paper in hardback, The chapters this book covers a new general theory of science, gravity, light and magnetism and new adjustments to current science and it's speed of light are furnished.

Edward Leedskalnin, the Latvian genius who built Coral Castle wrote in his Miami Daily advertisement that his books and advertisements needed to gotogether, this book is the first book ever to put these consitutent parts of his work together and provide full explanations as to the operation of forces such as magnetism, gravity, light and the north and south pole individual magnets. This book including all of Edward Leedskalnin's original writings includes many facts, still unknown mathematically, scientifically, socially and philosophically to the world. As the Adinkra carefully encoded in their ancient African Symbols the technology of the ancients, the Sankofa, identical to the great works of George Hertzog and Edward Leedskalnin, Nikola Tesla, and befitting of King Solomon himself, explains that wisdom is going back to learn the secrets which are forgotten.

That is what inspired this book and it is the authors hope that is why you will chose to read it.

Chapter 1. The Academics, Foreword.

Chapter 2. Only fools laugh.
Chapter 3. Deception.
Chapter 4. Induction & Invention
Chapter 5. Every good Scientist
Chapter 6. Maxwell Equation Field Theory
Chapter 7. Return of the Djed
Chapter 8: In Society
Chapter 9: An Incorrect Theory
Chapter 10: Honest but Misunderstood
Chapter 11: Tesla & Leedskalnin
Chapter 12: Eric Dollard, R.C.A Employee & Recognized Authority Expert on Tesla
Chapter 13: Steinmetz & Electricity from the Square Root of -1
Chapter 14: Faster than light Blue Radiation
Chapter 15: Don't forget about R.C.A - it's integral for faster than light electricity
Chapter 16: Geometry of Propoating Waves
Chapter 17: The Violin
Chapter 18: The Economy
Chapter 19: The Ocean
Chapter 20: Dimension sof Tesla and  Hertz Wave over Einstein's space/time
Chapter 21: Time
Chapter 22: Hippolyte PIxii
Chapter 23: The Atom
Chapter 24: The Earth
Chapter 25: Dewey B. -  The Most Important lecture of your life
Chapter 26: Physics & CHemistry of the Solar System (J.S.Lewis)
Chapter 27: Non Relativistic Magnets
Chapter 28: "Power will Revolutionize the world", The World of Tomorrow, N.Tesla
Chapter 29: Misconception of Reality, an abstract on the broken science
Chapter 30: Patents & Copyright, Buying & Selling your Nature
Chapter 31: The Scientists & The Good Guys
Chapter 32: Overunity Volcanoes
Chapter 33: MSD and HPIMS
Chapter 34: Non Kirchoffian Circuits
Chapter 35: The Stars, Their Planets, The Plants & Their Animals
Chapter 36: Wheatstones Polar Clock
Chapter 37: Eric Dollard at SBARC & Transmission Path Schematics
Chapter 38: The Golden Ratio
Chapter 39: The Magnetic Building Blocks of Nature
Chapter 40: The Invention of the Electron
Chapter 41: Parametric Transformers (Jim Le Surf)
Chapter 42: Rant of the Electron
Chapter 43: Tesla's Vacuum Tube & Radio POwer to Revolutionize World
Chapter 44: Tesla's Cosmic Force
Chapter 45: Edward Leedskalnins Cosmic Force
Chapter 46: Diag Earth Current (art + science)
Chapter 47: Magnetic Base
Chapter 48: Sound Base
Chapter 49: Agnes Scuffs and Coral Castle I
Chapter 50: Long ago - Nikola Tesla, source dated 6 July 1930
Chapter 51: Pennsylvania Grand Masonic Lodge
Chapter 52: J. Reid, The Cymascope and Giza's Sound Base
Chapter 53: The Indiana Pi Bill, 1897
Chapter 54: Magnetic Current, New never before seen Analysis & decryption of "Coral Castle Ciphers".
Chapter 55: Emissivity & Permittivity
Chapter 56: Extracting Energy from Aether
Chapter 57: The Rock Gate Experiments
Chapter 58: Wireless Power
Chapter 59: Magnetic Field uses Sound Waves to Ignite Sun's Ring of Fire
Chapter 60: Magnets & Light
Chapter 61: A light in the Dark
Chapter 62: All planets have magnetic poles...except for equator planets, or neutral particle planets
Chapter 63: Voynich Manuscript deciphered and decoded. I + II + III + IV + V
Chapter 64: Light
Chapter 65: "Light" Rays
Chapter 66: Magnet Sun
Chapter 67: Vast repoistory of content
Chapter 68: Modern Electrical Systems
Chapter 69: Gravity
Chapter 70: A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 71: The Perpetual Atomic Force, Batteries & More
Chapter 72: --
Chapter 73: --
Chapter 74: Fall of Men
Chapter 75: Tesla's Last Known Living Assistants Recorded Statement (transcribed)
Chapter 76: The Dark Force
Chapter 77: Accusing Commonweal:
Chapter 78: Gravity, The Sun & Earth & Making the design of a Machine for it's replication.
Chapter 79: Repository
Chapter 80: Zinc Negative Resistance Oscillators
Chapter 81: Eric Dollard - Human Filth
Chapter 82: Nikola Tesla, Building a New Earth
Chapter 83: Trapped on Earth, Imprisoned on Planet Earth
Chapter 84: Repository
Chapter 85: Electrical Terms (A large Glossary of Proper dimensionality of Electricity Terms as Tesla and Dollard states them) Credit: E.P.D
Chapter 86: Electrical Glossary Credit: E.P.D
Chapter 87: Most Significant Patents of Ernst Alexanderson
Chapter 88: Alexanderson Generator, Perpetual Motion Holder and Niaudets Magneto Electrical Apparatus (Author has certificate of authenticity)
Chapter 89: Static Electricity means High Voltage (extract/appendix)
Chapter 90: --

Chapter 91: Sound Base
Chapter 92: Perpetual Motion is a Non Linear ohmic Transformer
Chapter 93: Universe of Motion, a Letter to David
Chapter 94: Closing.
Chapter 95: Appendix & Vast Repository of researches and News Clippings supporting what can only now be described as a "conspiracy theory" entrenched in the verifiable history of electrical theory, as well as in direct experimental non ohmic apparatus.

Chapter 96: Surprises.

Chapter 105: Reverse Engineering of the Leedskalnin Flywheel and it's Prime Number Electrical Form
Chapter 195: Reverse Engineering of the Perpetual Motion Holder 
Chapter 525: Reverse Engineering Giza
Chapter 975: Reverse Engineering the Mathematics of Edward Leedskalnin, Nikola Tesla, Eric Dollard and the lost electrical aetheric waves of Tesla

Copyright expired Extra's included in this printed book:

Edward Leedskalnin. Magnetic Current
Edward Leedskalnin. Mineral, Vegetable, Plant, and Animal life
Edward Leedskalnin. Miami Daily Advertisement
Edward Leedskalnin. Coral Castle Advertisement pamphlet II

Happy anniversary to Edward Leedskalnin, this year marks his death being 61 years!

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Technology For a New Future, Second Edition

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